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Sabrina's Spiritual Counseling
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Guidance in navigating the difficulties you may be having in life:​ 

  • Discovering your personal potential power
  • Relationship improvement - with your spouse, child(ren), parents, in-laws, friends and colleagues
  • Learning about yourself from emotions
  • Healthy diet and hypno-fitness
  • Stress relief and next step
  • Anxiety & pain relief
  • Insomnia
  • Self confidence
  • Inner child
  • Personal - Professional - Family life balance
  • Sense of security enhancement
  • Personal creativity and capability increase
  • Living a happier life with no efforts
  • Find out your own truth of life and see the clear value of yourself





From the third eye, we are observers of this world.  We have no judgments and are able to see things objectively from the energy level. With aura reading, I distinguish energies, pictures, experiences, and thoughts that get stuck in your space and obstruct your spiritual light.  From there, we look for new opportunities and possibilities for you to experience the freedom of life and the powerful resources contained inside of you.


When you are in a state of relaxation, your subconscious opens up and you may see things from your third eye.  In this state, you can find answers to all the questions and problems you are encountering and resolve all the issues within you.


With questions you may have, I read the energy from the cards you pick to explain spiritual realities and explore what options you have to resolve your problems.

Aura reading/Spiritual counseling & coaching -  $150.00 per hour.
Tarot card reading -  $65.00


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