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Friday, October 23 2015
Every day is a beautiful day, if you allow it to be so

Sometimes, we feel pain because we easily jump to a conclusion without knowing what is going on.  The pain vanishes when we get ourselves out of the unknown cloud.


The restaurant that Angela works for years recently was bought by a new owner.  She feels uneasy these days when facing the new owner.  She knows that the new owner is a nice person, just like all the people around her, but she is nervous and stressed around the owner which bothers her even more.  


Angela hasn’t experienced a happy work day lately.


She understands it takes time for her to feel comfortable around people, including this new owner.  However, she is worried that the business isn’t as good, the owner may hold her accountable and she may be out of job. 


I see layers of emotion piled up in her space.


Is Angela really uncomfortable around the new owner?  No, she knows that the owner is a nice person who works with all the employees as a team.


So, why is Angela so bothered emotionally?

  • The business is not as good now, but can be a lot better tomorrow.  Why does she assume it will only continue being bad?
  • Whether the business is good or bad, it is a responsibility of the owner, not hers.  But, why is she assuming that the owner will hold her accountable with valid reasons? 
  • The new owner is talking about changing menus and Angela doesn’t like the idea at all.  Because she thinks they will loss customers if the menu is changed too much.  But, with what is not happening yet, why jump to “the conclusion” and predict it would only head for a negative result?


Be aware of how you feel may not necessarily be something people do to you, but how you “interpret” things.


Every day is a beautiful day, if you allow it to be so.

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